Top Countries Where You Can Study for Free
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Top Countries Where You Can Study for Free

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Top Countries Where You Can Study for Free

Studying abroad tends to get exciting until you begin to think about costs. The different kinds of expenses connected with transportation, accommodation, and so on create a huge bill that may be far from being affordable. But such costs can be put to rest since there are certain countries where you can study for free. Yes, that’s right. With a minimum administration fee, you can proceed to gain knowledge and earn a degree that is valid throughout the world. So to be more specific, here are the top countries where you can study for free.

1. Germany

The excellent university system in Germany has pioneered the country to be a home for international students. With an administration fee that is less than €350, you can settle down at various cities to study and explore. The low living costs associated with the country take matters further by helping you stick to a budget all while paying nothing for your education. So if you’re planning on studying abroad for free, then Germany needs to be your number one option.

2. Norway


Norway is another country that will help you to study for free with just a registration fee of about $50. The country has various educational institutions that are well known for providing an overall outlook on the education system. They tend to promote an individual by pushing him/her further into a stage of development.

3. Brazil

Learning Portuguese is all that it takes to help you get a free education at one of Brazil’s public universities. These esteemed institutions require nothing but a small registration fee.  But before you do all that, you need to take a test like the other Brazilian students. This test will ascertain your skill level with Portuguese, and you will need to be awarded with a CELPE-Bras certificate.

4. Iceland

Iceland is easily one of the most popular countries and studying here is both reliable and comfortable. For this purpose, you either need to learn Icelandic or find a few classes that take matters forward with English. Their universities are well-known all over the world for providing quality education to all kinds of people.

5. Luxembourg

An €800 fee for the first year and €400 for the second year is all that it requires for individuals to study in the University of Luxembourg. Beyond this, one need not pay anything and can enjoy the benefit of free education. The city is beautiful and filled with cultural markings that tend to take you back in time. So by all means, the place caters to international standards and will help you have a great time. Hence, tap into these places and learn more about them.

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